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This site is now closed, it's only hosted here so I can keep the domain name. It'll NEVER be updated again.
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12th February 2004

Well my attempt at changing my website using asp-nuke came to an end after it got hacked by some kids. Well done guys you're very clever and I'm obviously very stupid or something, this website costs ME money out of my own pocket and I don't appreciate people making my life any harder than it already is thank you. I think after that stupidity I'm going to transfer my site to a free domain, probably my ISP's own one but its not got any ASP so expect some downtime...
On a brighter note, I've acquired a few new machines. I've bought a Tempest cabaret (finally!) and another Toobin' machine (*really* missed the one I sold!) I've also got an Arkanoid machine, but its only a JAMMA cabinet conversion so nothing that special. Also (!) I've got a Cinematronics Danger Zone cabinet, but its far too big for me to keep so I'm going to renovate it a bit and sell it on, I've already fixed the PCB its only wiring and cosmetics next. All these new cabs! And unfortunately my digital camera is broken! Gah!

I have sold a few cabinets as well though (to pay for the new arrivals) casualties are the Star Wars and Fish Tales machines. I do quite miss the Fish Tales, might even buy myself another pinball when I have the cash. Erm, well... If I have the cash then!

18th October 2003

Its been a shocking amount of time since I last updated or did anything at all with the site! Here's a rundown on how things are:
I've sold the Point Blank because I needed the money.
I've sold the JAMMA cab and the Phoenix to Joystick Junkies as a bit of a favour really!
I've moved house!!!

I do have two new machines though, a nice shiny (after much work!) SEGA Naomi cabinet and a bootleg Vanguard cabaret. I'll attempt to write a little bit about them soon - especially the Vanguard as it was bought non-working and I've managed to do wonders with it! I should really have taken better pictures of what I've done, but I'll write it all up anyway! The Naomi on the other hand was bought as new and turned out to be a dog! I've since bought *major* parts for it from Suzo (UK) which have cost me a small fortune! But its all worth it now, I've quite a range of cartridges for it as you can see by my games list!

25th July 2003

I've been a bit busy and so had no time to update the site very much other than keeping the PCB listings up to date. But, after seeing Guddlers new php-nuke powered site, I got a bit jealous and decided that I wanted something similar. Click HERE to see how it looks so far! Unfortunately its far from finished though...
Another unfortunate is that I had to sell the Outrun project cabinet as I really needed the money.

30th September 2002

I've started a little on the Outrun project, but in the meantime something has turned up that I just can't turn down!!! Another new addition! This was a mini adventure though, in that the cabinet really is too big to fit through the doors in the flat! Read about it HERE.

12-14th September 2002

Well haven't really had the time to either update the site or do anything with my arcade equipment. The computer for MAME still isn't inside any cabinet, the Outrun is still sat there looking sorry for itself. But.... Have sold an awful lot of PCB's lately (and one of the cocktails is going this weekend too) and I've bought a new machine! Check it out here: Star Wars Page
Now a special BIG THANKS to Jon Pinckney for some more freebie Outrun parts;  specifically a coin box and coin door. Haven't actually started the restoration yet but I've nearly all the parts now so I *should* start soon!

21st July 2002

Yay! New addition!!! I've acquired a nice fruit machine! Okay as you know I'm a hardcore gamer and I'd never actively look for a fruit machine to buy/ play - but that's the point! This one was free!!! Its in a bit of a mess and I've had to spend much of this weekend tidying it up and finding out information about it (BIG thanks go to House of Amusements for all their help!) And now it looks pretty flash! So much so that I've decided to keep it in the collection, just need to iron a few faults/ problems out still... Check out the pictures here.
Also, I've bought a J-Pac from my good friend in Holland, Marco Krijger. Yeah I know I said that I'd never go that route, but the temptation to make use of my spare Compaq PC inside the roomy Neo Geo cabinet was far too great! I don't need to alter the cabinet at all (as the J-Pac plugs into a JAMMA loom its a simple swap to switch between the Neo Geo PCB and the computer). I'll post some pictures and a write-up shortly (after I've made a video amplifier and mounted the PC motherboard inside the cab).

26th June 2002

Tis a sad week, not only am I having to sell PCB's to pay the bills (well the credit card bill anyway...) I've now found out that has gone offline Which kind of leaves a GAPING hole in the technical knowledge that is available on the net. The site owner reports that too many people have been downloading the entire archive which is a good enough excuse really, bandwidth is expensive after all... Ah well, back to finding things out the hard way!
Onto my own news, and that's that I've finally received my Outrun kit from the US to start restoring my Outrun cabaret, of course I'll document it on the site soon but give me a chance! I've got so much on at the moment - it's really bad timing, I'd really like to put a lot of effort into it and I'm itching to get started but I really have to prioritise... Also, thanks to the many people that have helped me out with the parts, you know who you are!!! Let's just list the things I've been given for free by generous VAC'ers - NOS Steering wheel, NOS SEGA Outrun emblem, NOS Start button, very smart marquee with only a few stickers and NO scratches at all!!! And finally a coin mech (which wasn't entirely free, but hey!) Thanks guys!!!

24th May 2002

Hilariously I completely forgot to upload the fixed menu thingy!!! Its now all done! Plus, I've finished off some more of the Arcade Guide  and also added a nice pictorial guide to making looms.

12th May 2002

Well, finally worked out what was causing the script error in the free menu thingy I clipped. All fixed now
May have a few repair logs coming soon, assuming the parts I've ordered do indeed fix the faulty boards I've got them for... Also, I've added high score save kits to some boards, the information for these conversations can be found on JROK's site. Thanks James, they're all working just fine!

6th May 2002

Well seeing as its a bank holiday and it looks like work is pretty quiet (unfortunately) its almost rude not to update some of the things I'm not happy with on my website!!! So, this morning I've added a header/title bar that stays up the whole time you're on the site. Also, I've changed the code for the Photo books so they all open the pictures up in JAVA pop up windows when clicked rather than the full screen. All minor cosmetic things really, I am supposed to be working y'know...
Okay I shouldn't have spoken too soon, work has been DIRE all day, so I've added a Cycling Photo Book to the Photo Books section. This time I've created separate thumbs so the enlarged pictures are bigger. Think I prefer it this way, I might do this for the other photo books in time. Also, I added a repair log to the Arcade section for Moon Cresta.

5th May 2002

Hey all!!! Well I've been meaning to do this properly for ages! So here it is - a news page, for showing updates to my webpage. First update is obviously the NEWS page!!! I've also added an Arcade Photo Book which is a few photos of my collection. Lastly, there's a new JAVASCRIPT menu tool thingy, which I have to admit I'm not entirely pleased with and may be changed shortly....

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