Introduction for beginners

Hello and thank you for visiting my page! I assume that by visiting here you already have fond memories of pumping coins into arcade machines in the vague hope of getting slightly further than you did before... I know I certainly remember! We used to catch the train from Barking station to Southend Victoria almost every Saturday during the school holidays (for as long as we could afford!) It became such a special place for me and always brings a smile to my face when I reminisce

I remember such games as: Pleiades, Battle Zone, Crazy Balloon, Pac-Land and Salamander. Also, fantastic cabinets like Gauntlet, Toobin', Alien Syndrome and Thunderblade.

Fortunately, there is loads of information on the internet about these games. Follow to the links page where I'm sure you'll find something that will make you go "Oh yeah! I've played that!"

Now we're all grown up don't you just find it heartbreaking to take your kids to the seaside and see SO many fruit machines??? I can remember wall-to-wall arcade machines and even cocktail cabinets in pubs! Well there is hope... This isn't a site about how great arcades were (that was just the introduction!) this is a site about how you can play those very same arcade games right in the pleasure of your own home!

....Excited?? You will be!