Introduction for Experts

So you've got your games and you have a nice collection, what else could you possibly want to know!  Well there is ALWAYS something else to learn, there are so many games out there that work in completely different ways - they were probably deemed as 'novel' in their day but now they're just a pain to troubleshoot!  This section deals with a slightly more advanced approach to video games and covers troubleshooting tools and how to use them, a section on how games work (technical!) and some tips on what to look for when fixing your games.  Be warned, fixing games requires a special knowledge of your own abilities, games which fail (in normal operation!) rarely have more than one faulty component - games which have been attempted to be fixed by someone who knows little else other than how to prod about always have many faults!  I'm not saying you need to be an electrical genius to fix boards (far from it!) you only need a small amount of electrical know how and, of course how to use your tools properly to successfully repair boards.  The main requirement is a little common sense!

This is the last section, so I hope you've enjoyed reading my guide!  There is no better feeling than that of 'nostalgia' the feeling I get when I play something I haven't played in 15-20 years is indescribable!  And actually owning some of my favourite games from that era is FANTASTIC!!!  All these new games are okay, but when you lead a busy life you haven't got time to sit down and play a game which takes 250+ hours to complete, sometimes you just need a quick 'gaming fix' and arcade games provide this!  No modern day game can compete with the sheer playability of games like Pac-Man and Moon Cresta, their modern day counterparts have stopped being 'games' and have become the modern day version of films, where you actually become the lead character (bit like Dragon's Lair really!).  All well and good if you like films, but I like games as well!!!!  A 'true' game should be playable from the word "GO!" and not feel like the beginning of climbing a mountain.

Well all I can say is have fun!  When you stop enjoying something, then is the time to sell up and move on....