How do I fix my games?

One thing I cannot emphasise enough, that I think I've also said elsewhere in this guide- is that it is VERY important not to overestimate your own abilities when it comes to working on PCB's.  Never mistake enthusiasm with competence, I have many games bought as *untested* as proof of this...  Don't get me wrong here, enthusiasm is a large requirement to learn, but it is possible to learn first before damaging PCB's with ignorance.

I didn't intend this to be a very large section as encouraging people to fix their own PCB's is digging my own grave for numerous emails of "I've got this broken PCB..."  This is more intended to be a general 'tips guide' than a full blown repair how-to.  This guide assumes a certain few things first:

  1. That your test rig/cab is not faulty.
  2. That your TV/test monitor is not faulty...
  3. That you're using the correct loom for non-JAMMA games.
  4. That you've correctly identified that 28 way does NOT always mean its JAMMA...  ***POP!!!***

Here's a couple of good tips for beginners:

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